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Lawnmower Man-2, 9/20/2008Sumacs and Landscaping, 9/20/2008Steps, Centralia-2, 9/20/2008Lawnmower Man, 9/20/2008Gasperetti Alley-2, 9/20/2008Sumacs and Centralia Municipal Building, 9/20/2008Nature, 9/20/2008Centralia Municipal Building, 9/20/2008Womer House, Obscured by Trees-3, 9/20/2009Womer House, Obscured by Trees-2, 9/20/2008Alley, 9/20/2008The Return of Nature, 9/20/2008Andrade Corner, 9/20/2008Wildflowers, Centralia, 9/20/2008Late summer, Centralia, 9/20/2008Weeds-2, 9/20/2008Steps, Centralia, 9/20/2008Wind TurbinesWind Turbines & Mervine House-3, 9/20/2008Weeds & Municipal Building, 9/20/2008

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