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St. Ignatius Cemetery, 3-10-2007Fire sign, 9-1-2007Singed Leaves, St. Ignatius, 3-10-2007close-up: singed leaves, 3-10-2007Hillside View, 9-1-2007Centralia: Looking toward St. Mary's, 11-17-2007Looking toward St. Mary's through steam, 11-17-07Womer house, Centralia, 11-17-07Centralia 1866 bench and trees, 11-17-07Looking toward East Park Street, 11-17-07Centralia war memorial, 11-17-07Centralia Legion wall, 11-17-07Time capsule marker and trees, 11-17-07Old and faded no-parking sign, 11-17-07Centralia: abandoned trailer, 11-17-07Centralia: empty street, 11-17-07Mervine house, with buttresses, 11-17-07

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