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Womer House, ca. 6-1-2000Remains of the Lamb House, 3-6-2004Fire Field, 3-19-2005Where the Coddingtons Were (2), 3-6-2004Fire sign, 9-1-2007Fire Field, ca. 3-1-2001Fire Field, 3-19-2005Fire Field & Steam, ca. 3-19-2005Fire Field & Centralia, 3-19-2005Fire Field Sign, 3-6-2004How It Looks Today, ca. 6-1-2000Centralia war memorial, 11-17-07Mervine house, with buttresses, 11-17-07Where the Coddingtons Were, 3-6-2004Remains of the Lamb House, 3-6-2004Buttressed house and church, 3-6-2004Centralia: abandoned trailer, 11-17-07Looking toward St. Mary's through steam, 11-17-07Old and faded no-parking sign, 11-17-07Fire Field, 4-23-2005

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