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Fire's Heat, Melted Snow, 2-23-08Mine Fire & Rocks, 5-30-1983Ventpipes (2), 3-9-1984Steaming Pipes (4), 9-1-1981Burning Town-2, 4-1-1983South Arm of Mine Fire, 8-26-79Burning Town-4, 4-1-1983Steam & Tree, 3-9-1984Steaming Pipe (2), 9-1-1981Remains of the Lamb House, 3-6-2004Mine Fire Outbreak (2), 4-6-1983Where the Coddingtons Were (2), 3-6-2004Steaming Pipe (3), 9-1-1981Fire Field, ca. 3-1-2001Mine fire steam, 3-10-1986Some houses left, 3-10-1986Steam Forest, 4-16-1983Steam-Russian, ca. 1982wtmkChief Tom McGinley, 11-28-1983Christmas in Centralia, 11-28-1983

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