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Welcome to Graffiti Highway, 4-15-09Welcome to Hell, 4-15-09The Joker, 4-15-09Robot, 4-15-09Free Art, 4-15-09Fuck, 4-15-09Freedom Is a State of Mind, 4-15-09Trees in Middle of Highway, 4-15-09Swayee Was Here, 4-15-09Go Bucs, 4-15-09J-Rod, 4-15-09Che, 4-15-09Here Lies Pyramid, 4-15-09Adventurous? 4-15-09It's Love, 4-15-09Ziggy, 4-15-09Rich, 4-15-09Leg, 4-15-09Man Can Make Nothing (1), 4-15-09DEF, 4-15-09

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